The History


The Wilson Schoolhouse was built in 1930 as a two room schoolhouse. As the community grew so did the schoolhouse which served as an educational facility until the end of the 1998-1999 school year. After being decommissioned, demolition threathened the building but community members organized to save the historic building and ownership of the facility and property were transferred to Teton County in 2002. Proponents for preserving the schoolhouse elected to demolished new additions to the building to return the structure closer to the original two room design. In February 2003, Teton County entered into a long-term lease agreement with the Old Wilson Schoolhouse Center, Inc., a non-profit, to operate the facility as a community center. The Wyoming Business Council provided a $600,000 grant to remodel the facility. The Teton County Historic Preservation Board has recognized the Old Wilson Schoolhouse as a prominent historic structure and is active in maintaining the historical integrity of the facility.



The following historical photos, history and quotes were compiled by Leanne Staley Moore for OWSCC in a book entitled, The Old Wilson Schoolhouse, Documenting the Past.

Old Wilson Schoolhouse Community Center

5655 Main St

Wilson, WY 83014


P: (307) 413-9507