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Community Celebrations at OWSCC

Every year the OWSCC hosts a Fall Harvest Party to bring our neighbors, preschoolers and their families, Wilson businesses and Teton County residents together to celebrate our success.  Please join us for feasting, games and good company. 


Board member Emily Figenshau and Executive Director Marylee White get ready for the feed.

Board members Macye Maher and Kim Parker get ready to cut the OWSCC cake.

The OWSCC Fall Harvest Party will be back in October.  Stay tuned for the 2019 date.  As is the tradition, we will carve pumpkins, and try our luck in the Pumpkin Pie Walk.


Pumpkin carving, art making, the pumpkin pie walk will entertain.


Eighty pumpkins are transformed at the annual event.

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