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The History


The Old Wilson Schoolhouse was built in 1930 as a two room schoolhouse. As the community grew so did the schoolhouse, which served as an educational facility until the end of the 1998-1999 school year. After being decommissioned, demolition threathened the building but community members organized to save the historic building and ownership of the facility and property were transferred to Teton County in 2002. Proponents for preserving the schoolhouse elected to demolished new additions to the building to return the structure closer to the original two room design. In February 2003, Teton County entered into a long-term lease agreement with the Old Wilson Schoolhouse Center, Inc., a non-profit, to operate the facility as a community center. The Wyoming Business Council provided a $600,000 grant to remodel the facility. The Teton County Historic Preservation Board has recognized the Old Wilson Schoolhouse as a prominent historic structure and is active in maintaining the historical integrity of the facility.



The following historical photos, history and quotes were compiled by Leanne Staley Moore for OWSCC in a book entitled, The Old Wilson Schoolhouse, Documenting the Past.

Ski Race

Ski Race

"We lived two miles from school. I remember that I either walked, rode a horse, skied or my mom towed me on my skis behind her saddle horse. In the winter, at recess, we would spend the entire recess climbing to the top of the hill behind the school, just to ski down and go back into the school." Harold Ostler, (attended 1934-1936.)

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower

"If we got good grades, we were allowed to ring the bell that was on top of the north end of the building. I just loved to ring that bell!" Ethyle Seaton Hayse (attended 1934-1941.)

Class Picture in 1932

Class Picture in 1932

"I went to the Wilson School from the 2nd grade through the 8th. We didn't have desks. We would all line up on a bench and store our books and papers below. I remember the teachers had to go across the street to the spring to gather our drinking water." Elmo Curtis (attended 1932-1939.)

The Old, Old Wilson Schoolhouse

The Old, Old Wilson Schoolhouse

Students attended this schoolhouse in the 1920's. It was located across the street from the Stagecoach Bar. In 1931, when students move to their new schoolhouse, this log structure was taken down log-by-log and reassembled on the Johnson Family property near Red Top Meadows, where it still exists today as a residence.

The Community Center


The Old Wilson Schoolhouse is currently a 501(c)(3) non profit community center serving the entire Teton Area. Every year, thousands of local residents and visitors walk through our doors for:

  • preschool

  • AA meetings

  • church

  • non-profit board meeting and events

  • senior programming

  • public meetings

  • memorial services

  • dance classes

  • children's programming

  • private events, ​and so much more!!!


We also host numerous free, community events throughout the year.


To learn more about upcoming events, please click here.

To learn more about renting the schoolhouse for an event, please click here.



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